• The school operates its buses on specific routes, depending on the number of students on the route.
  • While we try our utmost to facilitate transport for our students, it will not always be possible to drop students at their doorstep because of long route or to accommodate request for changes.
  • Once a route has been finalized, no changes/diversions will be entertained and parents are requested to co-operate.
  • An addition to existing bus stops or revision or routes in entirely at the school’s discretion.
  • Details of the bus routes are available at transport office.
  • In the event that any special requests are to be made; parents are required to call the transport in-charge, not the driver except during emergencies.
  • In case of change in your pick up/drop point contact the school authority in charge of transport.
  • At the time of confirmation of admission, parents are asked to fill a transport request application for the confirmation of pick up and drop on the bus route.